Consultants in Local Search, Geographic Information, Location Based Services, Product Development and Technology Strategy
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TeleMapics provides advice for businesses focused on the use of  Geographic Information.


Exploring Local

Our blog, Exploring Local, is a good place to keep up with the use of geographical data in mapping, location,  navigation, autonomous vehicles, and geotargeting.  We provide thoughtful analyses of many of the key issues complicating the accurate use  of spatial data.




Getting Mapping right is extremely complicated. Advantaging business strategies by providing for the accurate use of spatial data is a must for both commercial entities and governmental agencies.

If your business strategy involves the use of spatial data, let us assist you in developing a platform for its use in mapping, navigation, Location Based Services, autonomous vehicles. geotargeting, or other related uses of geographic information that may be relevant to your business.

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Our consulting practice at TeleMapics is focused on uses of Geographic Information in the following applications:                    

  • Mapping
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Local Search (Geotargeting)
  • Location Based Services (LBS)
  • Business Listings Databases (POI Databases)
  • Expert services for Intellectual Property matters involving spatial data and/or mapping